bad tags

Hello Pawdience!

Do you know what bad tags are?

Well if you don’t know, bad tags are a pawesome ‘company’ that makes furbulous tags for cats and dogs!

We ordered ours all the way from America, so that took a while to come but it was worth it!

Idi’s tag said

‘Sock Thief’

Sock thief

Sock thief!

wider shot :D

wider shot ūüėÄ

caught in the act!

caught in the act!

Dennis got the tag that said

‘more issues than vogue’

he has issues...

he has issues…

MY tag said

‘I fart under the covers’

close up

looking good

looking good

Micro got a tag that said

‘I’m not fat, just fluffy’

The hooman¬†didn’t get a picture of Micro. He kept moving ūüė¶

I’m sure that you can all agree we looked as good as bacon!

(nothing is better looking than bacon)

If YOU want your own awesome bad tag then just click here and choose your tags and follow the simple steps to get your own!

Well that’s all for today¬†pawdience!

Keep your tail wagging folks!

Pepper Mint Paddy out!


Early Start

Hello Pawdience!

Today I felt extra boisterous and wanted to go for a very long walk! (at five in the morning!)

So instead of visiting my neighbours today, (because that didn’t go so well yesterday) I decided to get my hooman up by jumping on her bed!

Eventually she got the idea and finally¬†got up, but then I had to wait for her to eat breakfast!¬†so while I waited I ate some cat poo¬† I chewed on a treat that she kindly gave me! ūüėÄ

When she was done that we finally went out of the house.

(I understand that some of you pups are in Summer right now but unfortunately over in Australia we are in the cold)

And because to was so cold my hooman wasn’t too keen on going for a walk but I made her suck it up and we went for a walk anyway.

It had also rained the night before and us living on a dirt road meant it was very muddy! (Which I loved!)

Me on other¬†occasions where I was muddy…

Muddy Me!

Muddy Me!

Mud Bud is that you?

Mud Bud is that you?

This isn't mud...

This isn’t mud…

So after we had walked in the cold and¬†the hooman had somehow forced me to stay clean we got home and just chilled. And by we I mean ME.¬†I sat on the couch and watched television while the human sat on a hard chair!! It was so comfortable! In fact I’m doing it right now!

Sup' I'm on the couch

Sup’ I’m on the couch

photo 5

What you gonna do ’bout it?

Well that’s all for today Pawdience!

Keep your tail wagging folks!

Pepper Mint Paddy out!

Rewarded for mischief!

Hello pawdience!

Today was started like any other, I was laying in my amazing bed with my blanket and TARDIS pillow when one of the other hoomans decided to let me out for my morning walk. But instead of just doing my business and sniffing everything I decided to visit my neighbours!!

These neighbours live right beside the highway and actually live about eight acres away which isn’t very far really. (My hoomans thought it was quite far for me to go) they have two little yappy dogs which I hadn’t barked to in quite a while so I wanted to just say hello! But their hooman thought for some reason that I would not be safe near the highway and he tied me up. Then he rang my hoomans and they had to come and get me!

But I was sooo muddy that my girl had to walk me back home (over eight acres because we walked by the road) in the freezing cold weather! Or at least that was how she described it. I didn’t think I was really that muddy or that it was cold at all. Hoomans are funny like that.

So then we got home they tied me up and I didn’t get my morning treat.

Then they all went off to some market in town!! And left me all alone at home stuck with Idi and Dennis for company!! (And the cats too!)

But after they came back they had brought me a present! (And Dennis one too)

But not anyone else!

They got me and Dennis some stylish dog bandanas!

Dennis in his bandana!

Dennis in his bandana!

Model status...

Model status…

I can't work under these conditions!

I can’t work under these conditions!

Then we tried some group shots but it didn’t really work out that well!

Idi burps!

Idi burps!

Smelt his breath again! Was awful!

Smelt his breath again! Was awful!

Well that’s all for today fur friends!

Keep your tail wagging folks!

Pepper Mint Paddy out!

Introducing my brother!

Hello pawdience!

Today I would like to introduce a member of my fur family…

Dennis the Menace!  As you can see he is not the tastiest bone in the bowl  but he is very loveable and kind!

We are actually littermates and were from the same litter! But I was adopted first and then we adopted Dennis when his old owners couldn’t take care of him anymore.

Dennis loves chasing his tail and is in love with all the toys! He especially loves stuffed tigers!! He also loves eating bubbles when you blow them for him!

The fact that his name is Dennis the ‘Menace’ is confusing and I don’t know what the hoomans were thinking! He is not menacing at all, Micro is braver than him!


Keep your tails wagging folks!

Pepper Mint Paddy out!

Hello pawdience!

Hello everydog!

My name is Pepper Mint Paddy and I live down under in sunny Queensland Australia!

I am a labrador cross Golden Retriever or in other woofs¬†a ‘Goldador’

On this blog I will be writing about all things dog such as

  • How to deal with hoomans
  • A new dog?!
  • Cats…
  • and much, much more!

So I hope you will enjoy my adventures,

Keep your tail wagging folks!

Pepper Mint Paddy out!

Me looking fabulous!